Welcome to The Barony of Stromgard - A branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism in the Kingdom of An Tir.

Curia - the Royal council of An Tir and Stromgard


The Baron and Baroness of Stromgard

Baron & Baroness - Stromgard
Hlutwige & Ivon


The Champions of Stromgard

StormGod - Eirik Daegarson
Erik Mathies erikmathies@yahoo.com


StormMaker - Carith de Cuevas
Carith Wiseman gribbit@gmail.com

StormHunter - Cynthia Malain


StormBlade - Victor De Guerse
Xavier-Michael Moroney xaviermoroney@yahoo.com


StormRider - To be determined at The Grand Thing



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