Welcome to The Barony of Stromgard - A branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism in the Kingdom of An Tir.
General Description of Officers Duties
Baron & Baroness The privileges, duties, and rights, ceremonial and otherwise, of the office of territorial Baron and/or Baroness are established by the laws and customs of the kingdom, and shall include the right to make such awards as the Crown (or the Coronet, if applicable) shall specifically delegate, and to establish and present non-armigerous awards specific to the barony. A territorial Baron or Baroness may hold any other Society office for which he or she is fitted and qualified, save only that of Baronial Seneschal, but must not allow the duties and responsibilities of such office and the office of Baron or Baroness to conflict.
The seneschal is the legal representative of a branch. Seneschals sign all contracts, make sure that things are done pursuant to the restrictions of all modern laws, corpora and kingdom law, work with the chatelaines to handle all public relations, and normally conduct the business meetings/curia. Branch Seneschals are responsible for the coordination of the Society activities in their branch. However they do not supervise the other officers, merely aid their cooperative efforts. Branch seneschals hold vacant offices on a temporary basis until they can be filled and are responsible for filling the reports for those vacant offices.
Contingency Deputy  
Assists the Seneschal with specific projects as delegated.
Directory Deputy  
Compiles and maintains a listing of members of the Barony and friends from the surrounding area for use by Society participants.
Captain of the Watch
The Captain of the Watch is responsible for organizing and running the fire watch and parking at events.
Revels Coordinator  
Revels coordinator is resposible for activities relating to the official event called "revels" held on a weekly basis.
Pursuivant (Herald)  
Heralds make announcements, handle court and ceremony, track awards, and can assist in the process of registering the names and devices of branch members. Heralds maintain branch membership in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. and provide proof of membership to Black Lion Herald. They notify the Kingdom of address and phone number changes, maintain files of reports and correspondence.
Contingency Deputy  
Assists the Pursuivant with specific projects as delegated.
Scribes create, copy and paint scrolls and charters for recognition by Royalty, Nobles and the Barony. Using age-old techniques they beautify our experience of the Current Middle Ages.
Precedence Clerk   The Precedence clerk maintains the list of accolades granted unto the populace of Stromgard as have been reported.
Consulting Deputy  
Assists the Precedence Clerk with specific projects as delegated.
Exchequer   Branch Exchequers are responsible for the handling of all S.C.A. funds within their branch. According to Society Branch Financial Policy, each Branch is required to have a Financial Committee composed of two or more people and always including the Branch Seneschal and the Branch Exchequer. Therefore, the Branch Exchequer has considerable input into, but does not control, how the funds are spent. They are to encourage prudent use of funds which further the Society's not-for-profit purpose. If you need a reimbusement form, visit the officers page for the current Exchequer's contact information. HERE
Contingency Deputy Exchequer   Assists the Exchequer with specific projects as delegated.
The Chamberlain maintains, stores and keeps an inventory of branch property and regalia. They report to their Baron and/or Baroness and Baronial Exchequer.
Prize Cache  
Maintains a collection of prizes to be handed out at Branch events for competition prizes and recognition.
A branch marshal oversees the administration of the marshalate in the local group. Their special duties are: seeing that information is made available to all fighters on armor standards, conventions of combat, rules of the lists, and any other information they are directed to distribute; ensuring that the local branch has trained marshals present at events; ensuring that fighters and marshals in the local branch receive proper training; supervising marshaling activities at events; assisting in the authorization of new fighters (this means giving local authorization, which is to be redone at kingdom level); and making sure that equipment conforms to the required minimums of the kingdom regulations as listed in the An Tir Book of Combat.
Rapier Deputy Marshal  
Branch Rapier Marshals, also sometimes known as Branch Master of Swords, are responsible for ensuring that rapier combat occur safely in their branch. They are required to be at a minimum warranted junior rapier marshals.
Youth Armored Combat Deputy Marshal  
Promotes safe youth combat training.
Archery Deputy Marshal
Branch Chief Archers are responsible for ensuring that missile combat and target archery activities occur safely in their branch. A Branch Chief Archer must be, at minimum, a warranted junior light marshal since if Light Combat activities occur in the branch they must have a deputy who is so qualified. Branch archers are responsible for making sure that scores shot in their branch are turned in to the appropriate person within 30 days after they are shot.
Youth Archery Deputy Marshal
The Archery Marshal oversees Youth Archery standards in the branch, education and enforcement of safe archery among the youth of the branch and area.
Equestrian Marshall   Duties of Branch Equestrian Officers include maintaining records of qualified riders in the local branch, being familiar with the An Tir Equestrian Handbook, sending insurance request copies to the Kingdom Equestrian Officer and informing the Kingdom Equestrian Officer of all equestrian events in your area. The primary duty of an Equestrian Marshal is to enforce the rules laid out in the An Tir Equestrian Handbook at events.
List Minister  
Branch List Officers: confirm that all combatants have fighter authorization cards; arrange and record the pairing of fighters at tournaments and demonstrations; compile a roster of fighters in their area with a note on the qualifications of each; see that combat waivers are brought to and used at all functions which might involve fighting (heavy combat, light combat, or rapier combat); assist the Kingdom Lists Minister, when asked, at Kingdom Level events; work in conjunction and cooperation with the marshals and heralds to ensure a smoothly run tournament.
Water Bearer  
Waterbearers help to keep combatants, officers, and spectators from dehydration by supplying them with water during events. Branch Waterbearers supply water at local events and assist the Kingdom Waterbearers at Crown and Kingdom Events.
Arts and Sciences Minister  
Branch Arts and Sciences Officers facilitate S.C.A. members in their artistic and scientific endeavors. They do this by being a resource, arranging to have classes taught on diverse subjects, holding competitions and finding other ways to inspire people's interest in the arts and sciences.
Contingency Deputy  
Assists Minister of A&S with specific projects as delegated.
Dance Minister  
Organizes dance practices and promotes the art of dancing.
The branch chronicler is responsible for keeping minutes of the branch business meetings and for publishing the Branoy's newsletter, which may include the minutes, officers' contact information, the site for the next business meeting and notes on local area meetings and practices for other purposes, local area event copy, and, when space permits, articles, humor, recipes, etc. Articles, artwork, recipes, humorous tidbits, odd facts and other such things for barony publications are earnestly solicited by the Chronicler. Some of these functions may be delegated to a branch Grete Boke officer or other deputy.
Research and Photo Acquisitions  
Assists the Chronicler with specific projects as delegated.
Dean of Pages   Branch Dean of Pages provide educational and enjoyable period activities for children ages twelve to seventeen at local events. They identify and plan appropriate activities, games, classes and workshops for young people. Branch Deans provide guidance for all youths within their branch, regardless of enrollment status as members of the College of Pages. They organize and participate in the rank challenges. Where there is no Dean of Pages, the Provost of Pages should provide this service for events within their Region.
Keeper of the Grete Boke  
The Keeper of the Grete Boke (a.k.a. Branch Historian) maintains the history of the branch, so this important part of what we are is not lost.
Assists the Chronicler with specific projects as delegated.
Web Minister  
Maintains the website.
The Chatelaine's Office is responsible for providing an introduction to the Current Middle Ages to new or prospective members, for advising newcomers of the conventions of the Society, their Kingdom and branch, and for encouraging participation in the Society. The Chatelaine can provide access to educational information such as handouts, booklets and other materials. The Chatelaine, along with the Seneschal should be aware of any publicity about the group of the S.C.A. In particular, any interaction with the modern media should be cleared with either or both of these officers ahead of time whenever possible. No one may else may represent the Society to the media without the knowledge and consent of either or both officers. The Chatelaine is responsible for maintaining the library unless the branch has a librarian or delegates the responsibility to another officer.
Contingency Deputy  
Supports the Chatelaine as delegated.
Demo Coordinator  
Organizes demonstrations for the public, and assists with publicity. These responisbilities fall under the authority of the Chatelaine. A Chatelaine may have as many deputies as necessary to handle the functions of their office.
Keeper of the Gold Key   The Office of Gold Key maintains a collection of clothing, accessories and feast gear that a branch keeps on hand to loan to guests and new members. New members should be encouraged to make or acquire their own garb as soon as possible rather than borrowing from Gold Key indefinitely or for long periods of time. The Gold Key officer is in charge of maintaining this collection; making sure it gets to and from events where it will be needed; and setting up a system for loan and retrieval of the articles. The Gold Key officer may collect fabrics or raise funds to buy fabrics for Gold Key items, arrange sewing bees, solicit donations of suitable articles from branch members, or find other appropriate means of amassing a collection. Gold Key officers report to the chatelaine of the branch. Keeping track of how often the collection is used, at which events, and which items are borrowed the most frequently will help the Gold Key and chatelaine focus their efforts.
Chirurgeons provide voluntary first aid at Society events. They also notify attendees of health and safety concerns at Society events. No branch is required to have a Chirurgeon, however, having at least one chirurgeon at an event is greatly appreciated.
Minister to Families  
Organizes activities for both families, youth and children in the Barony, while working with the Preceptor of Pages and the Pied Piper at society events.. Pied Pipers are responsible for organizing younger children's activities at S.C.A. events. Children's activities should be considered as an integral part of event planning, so that a suitable location can be set aside. Pied Piper activities can be simple: a coloring station set up with crayons and paper, a set of blocks, and other basic toys for drop-in play. Or they can be contests and tournaments, depending on the level of interest and help available. If possible, keeping toys and activities reasonably authentic, or at least not shockingly modern, is best. The amusement and enjoyment of the children should be the main priority. In some branches the function of Preceptor of Pages and Pied Piper are combined into one office.
For official information regarding officers and their duties, click to visit the An Tir Handbook
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